Monday, October 22, 2012

Priesthood Blessings

Kaige had been sick with a high fever and just miserable.  We had asked him if he wanted a blessing, and that scared him.  He wasn't interested.  We had planned to go visit Robert in the hospital and since we couldn't get him much more sick than he already was we stuck to our plan.  As we walked the hospital parking lot Kaige asked if he could have a blessing.  I had him repeat to Josh his request and we were excited that he was interested in it, and excited to ask Robert to help.  As sick as he was he was very happy and willing to exercise his Priesthood.  What a special thing it was for all of us.  Kaige was a different kid leaving that hospital and already felt much better.

Robert has since passed, and I am so thankful for the ability he had to give Kaige a blessing.  Kaige remembers it and has brought it up to us several times since his Papa Hoopes has died. 

My brother Qadry is maturing into a great guy even more since he joined the Air Force.  He is on his way from TX to CO and got to come home for a couple of weeks.  During that time he was to be ordained an Elder and receive the Melchizedek priesthood.  We spoke to Kaige about this special blessing, and that we were going to the church to be there for Qadry to get the Priesthood.  He then reminded us about his Papa and Daddy giving him the Priesthood blessing when he was sick.  Little did I know, he really thought they had literally given it to him.

We were at the bookstore buying an oil vial for Qadry and Kaige wanted one of his own.  I promised him that when he received the priesthood, we would get him one of his own.  He looked at me and declared.  I ALREADY HAVE THE PRIESTHOOD! Papa and Daddy gave it to me at the hospital.  REMEMBER MAMA?!?!  Oh sweet boy, I remember.  I'm so glad you do too!  He is too young to completely understand.  But not too young, to forget special things and feelings.  I am so thankful for the Priesthood in my life!

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