Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Lights FHE

We joined the Booths for a night of family home evening fun. We paid to go through a drive through light display. It was kind of expensive and I doubt that I would do it again, but I don't regret it as I loved hearing the little boys in the back singing and talking about the lights. Vanessa made the executive decision that the guys would enjoy the lights from the back of the truck. (I think it was part of her plot to make both the big and little boys BFF's.)
There were alot of things that Kaige liked about this holiday season, and lights were the most exciting. No matter where we would drive he was on the look-out for more Christmas lights. This was the perfect FHE for him. I love the pics I was able to capture by sticking my body out of the passenger window and then stretching my hand with the camera as far back as I could. I smile every time I see Kaige's intent gaze or little finger pointing to the lights.
After the lights, we went to Johnny Rockets. He didn't keep their little hat on for long, but it was long enough to get this picture. Yes I'm biased, but I think this picture says heartbreaker all over it!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Canyon Trails Christmas Brunch

I love my new ward and have always felt it's potential to be perfect for my growing family even if I didn't quite fit in and it didn't really feel like home. I think I sat at the perfect table for our ward Christmas brunch, because I had so much fun laughing and totally felt like I fit in as we fought to win the gingerbread building contest. My creative, fun and talented table designed a state of the art gingerbread trailer/house complete with two tv antennas, potty, and gnome along with many other upgrades. Can you believe we didn't even receive honorable mention?? I think we were the only table that didn't go home with an award. Talk about being snubbed! But that's ok, I still loved our masterpiece, and sure enjoyed the girls while we did it. Combining friendships with people like this along with memorable activities, this ward is bound to feel more and more like home.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Thankful Heart

Thanksgiving has always been my least favorite holiday. I don't love the food, despise the clean-up and get repulsed by how much pie is eaten. I do love to get together with family and black Friday so I haven't totally boycotted the holiday. It also gives me the opportunity to reflect on that which I am most grateful for. This year my heart was overflowing with gratitude for the gospel and the spirit that has brought our family closer as my sister-in-law Tahna decided to get baptised.

In October Coby's family was in charge of family home evening and Tahna gave a whole lesson on Baptism. We learned she was meeting with the missionaries again, and I was impressed at what a great lesson she gave, and floored at the topic she chose to do, not being baptised herself.

The week of Thanksgiving I got the best text ever that she was getting baptised on Saturday. My mom's side of the family celebrates Thanksgiving on Saturday every year, so to me she is basically getting baptised on Thanksgiving! My Grandpa Palmer would baptize her, and then her husband Coby would confirm her on Sunday. The service was great, the room was packed with family and friends, and the spirit was strong.

I've attended lots of baptisms, and when I was Primary President I had the opportunity to attend them every month, and I grew to appreciate them even more. But I have never had someone this close to me be baptized. My heart was beating with excitement, and my eyes crying with emotions. It was such a neat thing!

I remember being home and worrying about Tahna during her difficult delivery. I had heard that she had asked for a blessing and that my Uncles were on the way to administer. We said a prayer and I felt strongly that she probably would still have to have a C-section, but hoped she would feel the spirit and be comforted. Their precious Kortin was born, and it's been amazing to see the good parents they are and the spiritual transition that has occurred in their family. They just seem happier!

What I am most thankful for is Tahna's example. I have been blessed to be raised in the church, and although I have had my own spiritual conversions, I have never had to make sacrifices and commitments in choosing to join the church. I often wonder if I wasn't raised in the church, would I be in tune with the spirit and a strong enough person to follow it's promptings? Would I be able to give up coffee, cussing, Sundays and pay tithing? I'd like to think so, but I just don't know. I know that the gospel=happiness, and I am so thankful that Tahna will have just a little more happiness in her life. I told her to not make eye contact with the bishopric as they will try to give her a calling and put her to work. After her amazing FHE lesson I realize it won't be long before her ward realizes what a gem she is and snags her up!

Tahna had an LDS best friend growing up. We heard about her often. She had given her LDS fictional books to read and church music. Sean was having friends and family sing a song at his Farewell and it all kind of surprised us when Tahna not only was willing to join in, but knew all the words because it had been on a CD that Katelyn had given her. Katelyn served a mission, Tahna got married and the two of them stayed in touch. This best friend flew in for the baptism, and it was an honor to meet the girl that had been such a good friend and example to Tahna. I'm sure she touched the lives of many people on her mission, but for selfish reasons I feel like her greatest mission success was to be such a good friend to Tahna no matter what her faith and beliefs were. I am indeed thankful for her.

But again, I'm left reflecting. Am I the kind of friend she was to my sister-in-law? Do I open myself up to lifelong friendships with those not of my faith? Do I effortlessly share the gospel to those I love? I fall so short from where I need to be, but I am thankful for this Thanksgiving and the opportunity it has given me to expect more from myself. I am so thankful for Tahna and glad she is part of my family-this holiday and baptism celebration is just giving me an excuse to express it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

XL Chicken Salad

I got this recipe from my sister-in-law Mandy long before she married my brother. Because it makes so much, it's perfect for any kind of large get-together!

Chicken Salad
(for 300 small crossiant sandwiches)

8 lbs cooked chicken cut into cubes (canned Costco chicken works too)
3 bunches green onions chopped
Green grapes cut in half (how many? until you are sick of cutting them up)
4 c. cashews (I never include these)
5 cans water chestnuts chopped
1 bunch of celery diced

2 c. Miracle Whip
2 c. Mayo
1 c. canned milk
1 t. dry mustard
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup vinegar
1 pkg ranch dressing

Mix everything up, and let it chill over night.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet

Last night I debated driving down to see my Dad in Tucson and skipping Stake Conference. Josh had been out of town, and I felt like I should stay and decided it must be to spend what little time I could with him. I was oblivious that Stake Conference was to be a broadcast from SLC to all 90 stakes in AZ, but as I sat in church with excitement of the pleasant surprise that I got to hear the Prophet speak, I realized just why I felt like I wasn't suppose to go to Tucson. I was suppose to be in that meeting, and feel the spirit that I did.

I was fasting for a couple that had been involved in a roll over accident and also for a few family members. I attribute fasting to me being more sensitive to the spirit at church today. As we all stood to sing "We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet" I had the same tingles of confirmation that I had felt the first time I sustained Thomas S. Monson as the President and Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

It's unlikely I would have ever doubted that he was a Prophet, but I treasure that confirmation. My testimony may be weak in lot's of area's, but this is not one of them. I am very thankful for a modern day Prophet, and I KNOW that President Thomas S. Monson was called of God to be our Prophet today. I love the fireworks that go off inside of me as he speaks and guides us.

He told a story of a new Prison Administrator who went into a prison and made drastic changes that were more humane to those incarcerated. Someone came up and said something to that man along the lines of, "Don't you know a leopard doesn't change their spots?" That man replied, "Don't you know I'm not working with leopards, I'm working with men, and they change everyday?" I too have been guilty of judging people like leopard's who's spots don't change. I hope that after today, I'm less guilty of making that mistake. I appreciated those words as they pointed out ways in which I have been judgemental, and appreciated them just as much for the hope they give me for those, especially my loved ones I had been judging.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uncle Dafid and Aunt Wori came to town

These are the yummy desserts that were ordered in Tombstone. We had so much fun with Josh's Aunt and Uncle when they came to visit. Had I known that his Uncle David loved food as much as he did (despite being the pickiest adult eater I have ever met), I could have planned a restaurant scavenger hunt to keep them entertained.
I remember playing a game at my bridal shower and it asked what Josh's favorite kind of movies were. I answered comedy, but wasn't sure. Never did I expect to hear westerns as the correct answer. What?!?! (This is what happens when you get engaged after only dating 6 weeks). I was floored by this revelation and couldn't picture my sports car driving fiance watching my Grandpa's favorite movies. But really his dad has rubbed off on him, and Josh really does enjoy westerns. He likes the movie Tombstone, and has great memories of going to Tombstone as a kid with his family. He was excited to take his Uncle there as well.

I think most of the boys share these western interests and so we planned a roadtrip and tried to include as many Hedgecock siblings as possible. Below is a picture of Kaige with his cousins Jarum, Alora and Rennon.
We tried lots of restaurants while David and Lori were here, and Kaige's schedule got a little messed up. He did pretty good considering he was overstimulated and sleep deprived. But going out to eat with him wasn't the most fun, especially when it was after bedtime. At Cracker Barrel he was quite unreasonable and ended up in time out against the wall. He had served his time, but then did something, and put himself back in time out. He wouldn't budge. That's where he wanted to we let him!
I've gotten to know Uncle David and Aunt Lori better the last 6 months and it's been wonderful to develop a relationship with them. They live in Portland so our time together is sparse, but we're so thankful for their visit and loved having them in our home.
After they left Kaige kept asking where did Dafid and Wori go???

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kids/Kaige says the darnest things!

So a few weeks back as we were looking through pictures, Kaige points at my Grandma and says Big Grandma. I laughed, and said no that's Great Grandma Jenkins. He smiled and said Big Grandma. I then found other pictures of his different Great Grandma's and he continued to call them Big Grandma. Well we stopped by Great Grandma Jenkins house and he said hello Big Grandma. A few days later Kaige was making phone calls to relatives and saw my Grandma and Grandpa Palmer's pictures and wanted to call Big Grandma on the phone. I've had to explain to them that he is saying Big as in Older Grandma. Older than mine and Josh's moms. To him that makes them Big. :)

Then as we were at the register at Ross, Kaige gets all excited and keeps saying Big Grandma. Yep there was a Grandma in front of us. A tiny, gray haired, wrinkled, nylons with tennis shoes Grandma and definitely in the age appropriate group to be a great grandparent. My little guy was not going to be ignored. He kept saying Big Grandma, and got her attention. I tried to have him just say Grandma, but he wouldn't have that. I then had to try and explain his "rudeness" and what Big means to this stranger. The kind woman seemed to love that Kaige claimed her as one of his Big Grandma's. They had a whole conversation and even exchanged kisses. He is little and can get away with it........ for now........

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My little Buckaroo

This little Buckaroo keeps me on my toes and usually smiling. There are so many little things he does and says that I hope to remember. It's those small things that make up for the frustrations that come with being a parent.

Old MacDonald = Old DeDonald
Alligator = Owie Gator
Scorpion = Owie Bug
Great Grandma = Big Grandma
Qadry = Tree Tree
Movie = Moomie
Big Truck = Big Cock

As we take him upstairs to bed, he blows kisses, waves and yells his goodnights with each step he takes. We often have him sign I love you from the stairs and he wiggles his little finger on the you part hoping for someone to come and wiggle their finger and touch his.

He has been randomly singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and mid song says Night Night and pretends to go to sleep. He sings it throughout the day playing this game, and he pretends to fall asleep in random parts of the song.

As he drinks his bottle before bed, he always wants to touch us. He pulls our ears, runs his fingers in our eyelashes, pats us with his toes. It's actually kind of annoying when it happens, but he has been doing this since he was a newborn.

He really likes when you hit the little noise makers on the side of the road that are there to keep you in your lane. He starts shouting more noise??? Noise Ears??? He now notices that he hears with his ears. He hears a firetruck and for the next 20 min he is pointing to his ears and talking about the firetruck he heard.

He is all boy. Loves dirt, cars, firetrucks, baseball hats, balls, animals, bugs, electronics, ect. But this boy has a very tender side. He really loves babies right now. He likes to pat real ones, and put their pacifiers in their mouth but he also loves Daria's baby dolls and feeding them a pretend bottle.

Everynight after we read scriptures we ask him what song he wants to sing, without fail he eagerly says "Popcorn". One day he won't say the Popcorn song, and I will be one bummed momma.

Josh had him on Friday for the evening while I hung out with a girl friend. When I got Kaige up in the morning, I thnk he was expecting to see his daddy. As I lifted him out of the crib he started to giggle. Then he grabbed each of my cheeks and gave me a big kiss on the lips. He tightly wrapped his arms around my neck in a hug, pushed his cheek to mine and giggled the whole way down the stairs. Talk about a way to start my day! I love my little Buckaroo!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best Buddies Part 2

I had mixed emotions as I sent my little guy on his first play date without me. It wasn't even to a little park or someones was to the zoo. I couldn't make it and I'm very thankful that Kaiden's mommy included Kaige in the fun anyways. It was cute to have him tell me and Josh about his day and him nod with excitement when we asked yes/no questions. Both of us were bummed that we weren't the ones at the zoo with him. For the next week Kaige talked about the animals and giraffes. It is so fun to watch these two buddies follow each other around and do stuff together. I really like the pictures of them both passed out in their car seats. If you look close you can see Kaige's eyes cracked open. That boy sleeps with his eyes's the freakiest thing. Hope he outgrows that one!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Old McDonald had a farm eee-iii-eee-iii-oooooo!And on that farm he had a cow, eee-iii-eee-iii-ooooo! With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo. Old Macdonald had a cow eee-iii-eee-iii-ooo! And on that farm he had a pig.........I had a bucket full of costume possibilities for Kaige, but as he belted out his favorite song Old MacDonald all day every day only including a mooing cow, I decided that Kaige should be a cow for Halloween. Craigslist didn't disappoint me, and $4 later I had a cow costume for my little guy. He loved dressing up every night before Halloween and we enjoyed him falling over with his padded cow bottom. In keeping with the theme, I roped Josh into being Old MacDonald and I was a pig. I love dressing up and Halloween. The older Kaige gets the more fun we'll have. I wonder what he will have us be next year.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Best Buddies

I couldn't be happier that one of Kaige's favorite people is Kaiden Booth. His mommy and I have always wanted the two boys to be friends, and we've enjoyed watching them have fun together. These pictures are from some recent park and zoo play-dates.

Friendships have always been important to me, but the older I get the more I realize that good friends can be hard to find. If Kaiden is even half the friend his mommy has been to me, Kaige is set in the friendship department for life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The cutest pumpkin in the patch!

I've been taking my nanny kids to this pumpkin farm for years, and I was thrilled that Kaige was now old enough to take and enjoy, and boy did he!

They have so much to do there, and Kaige loved everything! He was excited to ride in the old fashion wagons they have to borrow for the day. The first animals we came to were the chickens, and he could have watched them for hours. One of them stole a waffle out of his hand, and he was so excited as the coop was filled with a whirlwind of chickens and excitement as they fought over it. There were 3 piglets, goats, horses and even an ostrich. Kaige especially loved the dozens of baby chicks to pet, but surprisingly wanted little to do with the petting zoo.

I'm not sure what his favorite activity would be. The corn pits, filled with dried corn kernals to play and dig in were fun. He also loved the train made out of barrels pulled by a 4 wheeler. Each barrel was equipped with it's own steering wheel, and Kaige was very excited to get on and enjoy the ride. He loved the inflatable bouncer and bounced nonstop chanting jump, jump, jump for 20 minutes. They had adorable little play houses from the 3 pigs story to play in along with slides, hay, and just about anything a little boy could wish for including tractors.

They had big boy toys too. A tomato gun, and large pedal cars and old fashion tricycles in a little dirt raceway. Kaige didn't want to sit on his dad's lap while he raced around the track. Nope, he would rather sit in the middle of the "road" on his own tricycle not going anywhere because his legs weren't long enough to reach the peddles. He sure was stubborn, but it made for great pictures.

I love the pictures from this day. I couldn't get him to smile that much, but he wore a hat just like his daddy. He was the cutest little pumpkin there! The place was fun, and it was nice to feel like we were out of the city for a couple hours. I'm a huge fan, and will probably make this outing a yearly fall tradition.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Swim Lessons Summer 2010

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I have a great job that allows me to take Kaige to work with me but this summer I was blessed with another perk. The kids I nanny call her Grammy, and so does Kaige now. I call her the swim lesson whisperer. Ok, so she doesn't ever really whisper, but this lady is magical! She teaches private swim lessons. She treated Kaige as her own and let him have private swim lessons every day after she taught her grandkids. At first I threw him in kicking and screaming. He would yell for mommy the whole time, and Marta seriously acted like she didn't notice and did the same swimming drills every day. It wasn't long before Kaige was screaming because he didn't want to get out. I had seen her teach lessons the last few years and always was in awe. But being a mommy watching your son progress with life skills and confidence was miraculous. He learned to get himself on his back and into a float. I was so thankful that he had learned that much at an incredibly young age. But she kept working with him and he also learned to basically swim or what they call zoom across the pool. He loved swim lessons and loved Grammy. He really is a little fish, and now he is a much safer fish in the water. He loved lessons and I would often find him chanting the swim instructions like Marta would and pretending to do lessons. I loved hearing him say, "monkey, monkey, monkey" and thought it was cute when he would bow his head down "to get his face wet." She is worth every penny she charges, and I consider myself one lucky duck that she chose to share her talents with my little guy free of charge. I owe her big time. My little guy can swim!!!! And he isn't even 2!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

July 2010 Oregon Hedge-a-palooza

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This is a family reunion we have been looking forward to since I was pregnant. It has always been important to us that Kaige meet his Great Great Grandma Blanchard. I love the way people speak of Alice Blanchard. All of her posterity speaks of her with the utmost of love and respect. She is a wonderful woman who continues to send birthday cards to every single one of us. I'm so thankful that we were able to make the trip and get a photo with 5 generations in it. Not all kids are that special. :) Now Kaige has met all of his Grandparents, 6 Great Grandparents, and 1 Great Great Grandma.

It was quite the adventure getting to Portland. We had overbooked standby tickets and even a trip to the ER because of a scorpion sting to get in the way. But once we made it, this reunion was a wonderful vacation.

Kaige got to meet both his Great Great Grandma, and his Great Grandma along with many "Great" Aunts and Uncles. We all had a blast, but watching Kaige enjoy himself was the real treat. He would get anyone he could to hold him out on the balcony and point to the birds, ocean, and moon. He got his Aunt Jessica to keep running into the waves, and learned how to cheer Yes from his Papa and his Great Uncle David.

I had only met some of Josh's family once on a whirlwind trip that was less than 48 hours. I enjoyed getting to know them better as we all stayed at a beach house in Lincoln City on the coast. They are all wonderful. We were given car seats, cribs, bedrooms, and just about anything else we needed to make our traveling experience as cheap and comfortable as possible.

I was nervous about Kaige and his sleep schedule for the trip. We hadn't been very successful on previous trips, and I didn't want us to all be miserable because of a cranky tired toddler. The first nap there, we put him to bed and he didn't make a peep. What? Not a protest, or scream?This was just too good to be true, but I didn't dare check him for fear I would ruin a good thing. My curiosity got the best of me and as I peeked in I was surprised to see him asleep in the midst of a white munchkin wonderland. No wonder he didn't make noise. He didn't want anyone to come in there and put an end to his fun. There was a table close to the pack and play with a box of tissues sitting on it. He grabbed that box of tissues and pulled, played, and threw them all over. It was the funniest thing to find him asleep in the midst of all this soft torn up tissue. I wish I had gotten a picture of his fun!

We enjoyed the weekend filled with cards, food, outings, reunion, the beach and most of all great company. I am thankful for the love that the family I married into has for each other and the fun they have when they all get together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

4th of July 2010 Holbrook

We decided to combine two of my favorite things and head up for a visit at my grandparents home in Holbrook for my favorite holiday.... the 4th of July. Kaige was a 1 1/2 years old, and this trip was long overdue. Josh and I went cliff jumping in Winslow with Uncle John and some brothers and cousins. I know Josh wasn't thrilled with the idea, but it ended up being lots of fun. We celebrated all weekend long. Birthdays, baby blessings, independence, and family! Kaige loved the fireworks, and I loved his personal ooo's, ahhhs and wows. He loved all the attention he got from extended family and took a special interest in my cousin Melissa.

The last day there we enjoyed the quads. Little did I know just how much Kaige would like them. He is definitely his father's son, and has a need for speed. Kaige had his daddy driving him all over, and if they would stop he would yell GO! He really loved the take off and could have ridden all day. A sunburn and a tantrum later, we got off the 4 wheelers and said our goodbyes. It was good to be back in Holbrook, and in my grandparent's home. Kaige loved it so much and we are looking forward to return trips.Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 22, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Utah or Bust!

My bosses decided to take a week vacation, so we jumped on the opportunity for a family road trip ourselves. I'm not sure Utah was ready for us. On the way up we stopped in Fredonia to place flowers on My Great Grandparent's graves and other graves in my Grandma Palmer's family. I made the flower arrangements and was excited to do this. I had never done anything to celebrate Memorial Day before.
We were pretty tired after trying to drive through the night, so our first day was kind of spent lounging around at Josh's Aunt Jane's home. We stayed with her and were treated like royal guests. Sunday morning I wanted to go on a nature walk. Aunt Jane suggested a certain trail, and up the mountain we drove to walk around a lake on one of her favorite walks. We are from AZ, so the last thing we expected to see was snow covering everything and a frozen lake. It was kind of funny. It was almost June and because of an unexpected snow storm the week before no-one thought about it being covered. It made for some good pictures, and Kaige thoroughly enjoyed feeding the many squirrels his goldfish crackers. There were dozens of them, and they obviously weren't strangers to humans. That night we went to my Uncle Randy's home for dinner and spend the evening with them. They are always the best of hosts. Kaige had lots of fun with his little cousin Joycelyn.
On Memorial day we met my best friend Val and her family at Heritage Park. Kaige loved the animals and train the best. There is so much to do there, and it will be an even more fun place to visit when he is a little older and can be interested in older activities. We went to their home for a BBQ that night. The boys played really well together, and it was so fun to be with Valerie again. It's kind of weird to include our husbands and kids, when I think we would have loved nothing more than to be just the two of us......talking about them. I got to meet her daughter Lily for the first time. Their family is adorable, and I wish we didn't live in different states, but I am so thankful for her and the friendship that has stayed strong despite the years, and miles.
Tuesday morning I went shopping with my dear friend Sophany. She lived in AZ years ago, and we have always been close. She is Cambodian, and a riot. She took me all over the place, shopping all the stores I could only find in Utah. She cracks me up, and is so much fun. I spent way too much money, and laughed so much! That afternoon Josh, Kaige and I went to Temple Square and enjoyed all that it has to offer. As we juggled nap times and all that we wanted to do, we ended up short on time and didn't spend nearly as much time there as we would have liked. When we went and saw the large Christus, Kaige said, "Hi Jesus" as soon as he saw it, and every time he saw it after that. He loved looking at it, but if we tried to get too close to get some good pictures, or leave him by himself by it he would freak it. The size really intimidated him. We saw a presentation on family, and I know it touched me even more because I am a mom now. We had to cut our visit short to meet up for Cafe Rio with Josh's family. Everyone loves Cafe Rio, but my body sure didn't. I was sick the whole rest of the night. :(
Aunt Jane stayed home from work on Wednesday to spend time with us. We spent a casual day, and did some more shopping. I got a migraine in the midst of this, so by the time we got back to the house, I just wanted to lay in bed. We decided to try one more store to look for our "Prayer at the Valley Forge" picture. As I got ready to go, I realized I didn't have my wallet anywhere. I must have left it at the last store I was at.......5 hours ago...... We called the store, and the lady said I've been waiting for you to call. I know there are good people everywhere, but I have to think that had I not been in Utah, my luck might have been alot different. I am so thankful for the honesty of the person who had found it. I had $600 cash in there.....and it was safely waiting for me. I felt so blessed! Then we went and not only found the picture we had been looking for, but it was so much cheaper than the one I had been trying to get ordered. We both fell in love with a painting of Jesus and bought it as well. So much for that $600 cash, but I am so thankful that I was able to recover it, buy these beautiful pictures that have added so much to our home. I just love when Kaige sees the picture and says, "Jesus" with his little finger pointing up at it. That night Valerie was such a good sport and came out to see me at the house. She made the drive and even played some cards.
We love to play cards with Hedgecock relatives, so we played cards just about anytime we could. Aunt Jane gave Kaige his own little mini deck. We were to the last hand of up and down the river, and we were playing it Indian style, where you put the card on your forehead. Everyone but you can see what you have and you have to guess what to bid. Then we looked at Kaige and stuck to his forehead is his little mini card. It was the cutest thing ever! He was playing just like us.
I could have spent another month in Utah, catching up with loved ones, sight seeing, and enjoying the beauty and great weather. But it was time to come home. Kaige was a trooper and did so well most the drive. By Flagstaff he was done and the sun in his eyes didn't help. He cried, "All done chair!" over and over. Poor boy! It was nice to be back home and in our own bed....but we hope another opportunity arises to go up there again in the near future.
The next day, we decided to go to Tim and Jessica's house that is only 10 minutes away. It took alot of effort to get Kaige buckled in as he arched his back. He did not want in that seat again. He screamed the entire way over there. I think he thought we were going to be in the car for 10 hours again. Can you say a little traumatized????

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kaige turns ONE!!! Feb 2010

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We were so excited to celebrate our 1st child's 1st birthday in our 1st house! In honor of his 1st word, doggy, and his obsession with animals, we had a petting zoo and invited all our family and friends to celebrate with us.

Kaige loved every minute of it. The company that brought the animals did a wonderful job of catering to Kaige the whole time and spending time with him as he loved all the animals. There were quadruplet pygmy goats only a couple of weeks old. Their umbilical cord had not fallen off, they were so young. Kaige loved them to pieces, literally..... and he was allowed and encouraged to carry them. My little 12 month old was walking well enough to carry a baby goat. It was incredible to watch and probably the highlight of my day. We made Kaige puppy dog cupcakes that were the cutest thing ever.

I never thought I would make such a big deal for a 1 year old b-day party, but I throw parties for everyone else and by golly I was going to throw a party for my own son at the first opportunity I could get. Kaige and our home have been huge blessings. We appreciate all who came to celebrate the good things in our life. Kaige gave me the gift of being a mom on his birthday; I will celebrate that every year!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas 2009

I'm not sure who enjoyed Christmas more this year, Kaige or his parents?

Kaige loved the lights, music, and presents. As parents we loved spoiling him and playing Santa's helpers for the first time. Santa brought Kaige his own little tykes car. We would love to know how many miles that car has got on it even though it's never left our house. Kaige was much more into Christmas than most 10 months old, so we are all excited for the holidays to come around this year. Another year older, and even more fun. My favorite memory of last year's Christmas was Josh surprising us with our own little Christmas tree, decked out in lights and ornaments. Kaige would say tree, and Josh would turn on the lights, and together they would stand looking at it.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Not goodbye, but see ya later!

A face only a mother could love.....and a daughter... Look at all that hair!?! I hate it, but on this day I was soooo excited to have him any way I could get him. This is how he came.

The day before the funeral I got my first good news since I heard about my Grandpa. My dad was given a furlough. I got to pick him up at 8AM, and he was able to attend the funeral without an escort. I had 12 hours until he needed to return to Tucson. It was a long, hard, emotional day with lot's of driving. But it was my pleasure and totally worth it.

I keep having to shake my head and ask myself, flight risk huh??? Oh well, it was such a blessing to have my dad be able to attend his dad's funeral how he did. Prayers were answered!

My grandfather had begun to type up his wishes for when he died and his services. On June 1st of this year he wrote, "In all these proceedings, I hope someone will mention that I was a man who tried his best, was conscientious of his responsibilities, but who made many mistakes and wrong decisions throughout his lifetime. It was my great fortune that Nicky agreed to share her life with me as I loved her intensely, admired her achievements, marveled at her sparkle and enthusiasm, benefited from her care and comforting, and felt her forgiveness for my faults. I was indeed a most blessed man because of her. May God bless her and our family. Thank you, Nick!" It was so nice to read it and know that these things were his wishes, and I'm sure it eliminated some difficult decisions for my grandma and gave her comfort at the same time. I would encourage everyone to do the same. A great gift for those left behind.

There was a table that displayed these pictures in a room where people could come and talk to my grandma before the service. We gathered as a family for prayer before the service began.

It was so nice to walk into the chapel for the service as a family and see that the entire room was filled with those who came to celebrate my grandfather's life and support my family. My dad was giving the Eulogy so he walked and stood on the stand and waited for everyone to be seated. I could see him quiver with emotions as he looked into the audience. That opened my floodgates. He got choked up a few times as he spoke and it was very touching to see. No one wants to see their parent sad.....but for me, it was re-assuring to see that sensitive side. He was probably the most emotional out of the family there. As odd as it may sound, it gave me a certain amount of comfort in seeing that. I would imagine that the last 5 years of my dad's life and the support his dad gave to him during that difficult time added to that.

If there is something good about a funeral, it's that we get to learn things we didn't know about these people we have gathered to honor. I was looking forward to that, and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't know my grandpa had failed kindergarten. :) It was interesting to hear the stories about associations he had with well known people like Lou Holtz, Kent Dana, and Magic Johnson.

We are blessed to have the spirit in our lives to testify of truth and give us comfort. Thankfully it was present in both capacities that day. I felt it as my dad tenderly talked about my grandparents moving to AZ and how essential it was to their conversion to the gospel, and Grandpa's commitment to it. As well when my dad said he knew because of his patriarchal blessing that his parents were meant to be together and meant to be his parents. The spirit gave me tingles as people spoke on how much my grandpa adored my grandma; that she was the only one he would notice in a full room and how they always celebrated their first date, their first marriage, and their temple marriage because they were important dates for them.

I had seen sheet music to a song that Grandpa had written the lyrics to, but they were just words and notes on a page. It was a special touch to have the lady who wrote the music, and her daughters sing my Grandpa's words to that song. It was beautiful!

As the Bishop gave his closing remarks he spoke about a lesson Grandpa had given on the Plan of Salvation. How powerful of a lesson it was, and that anyone in that class could not doubt Grandpa's testimony of the gospel and that Plan. I needed to hear that. It's now that he is gone, I need the same faith that he had in the wonderful plan Heavenly Father has for us. Several people spoke on Grandpa's love for missionary work, and that he is happy now where he is and teaching the gospel to those who didn't have that opportunity to learn of it in this life.

The service was really wonderful. After a family luncheon, I drove my dad "home". The day was bitter/sweet in many ways.

The next Monday September 20th, was a service at the National Cemetery. My grandma came over and spoke to Qie and Qadry and told them how much better off Grandpa was. How miserable he had been the last little while and that he is ok now doing missionary work. It was good to listen to her speak to them, and I recognized what she was saying to be true.

The service was short and sweet. We were warned about the gunshots, but still weren't prepared. I watched my Aunt and Grandma jump with each shot, and held Kaige as he cried with fear. Thankfully Kaige calmed down, and we could sit and listen and watch as they did their military presentation.

It was the first time I saw emotion visible on my grandma's face. I felt the spirit, peace, respect, and honor in this quite peaceful place. It was nice. I gave the closing prayer and was nervous about it. But thankfully it wasn't me who chose the words, I depended on the spirit to guide me, and I truly felt like the right words were said as we bid farewell to our dear Grandpa. He will be missed and may we learn from his example and his life!

I painfully regret not knowing how sick and miserable Grandpa was those last few weeks. He said goodbye to me once before an open heart surgery, and he survived. Over the last 15 year, I feel like I've been told several times he might not live long, and yet by the next time I saw him he seemed just fine, rosy cheeks and all. I wish I had been more in tune and had been more sensitive to his needs this last year, but there is nothing I can do to change the past. Just learn from it!

It's in times like these, family becomes even more important. In many ways I feel like my family has been broken over the last few years. I hate it, but as most of us gathered together to celebrate Grandpa's life, I have hope for better times in the future. I hope that I won't take the loved ones I still have for granted like I may have done with Grandpa. And I pray for healing in the hearts of those I love. That we may all be able to forgive one another and find an appreciation for each other.

Some may not like that we smiled and took pictures at a funeral, but it was good to be together, and like I said the day was very much bitter/sweet. I will cherish these pictures and wish that we had been able to include more of my family in them.

This time has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my faith and beliefs. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life, for the gift of the holy ghost that continues to comfort me. The words from the song "Families Can Be Together Forever" continue to run through my mind.

"I have a family here on earth.
They are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them
Through all eternity.
Families can be together forever
Though Heavenly Father’s plan.
I always want to be with my own family
And the Lord has shown me how I can."

If you know this song, I hope you are singing it to yourself as you read the words, and picturing your precious family. I am so thankful that I have been sealed to my family and I know that we will continue our relationships after this life. The following is an excerpt from my Grandpa's journal; this special testimony is a wonderful reminder how important it is for us to keep a journal....or blog....

"Whether you are my wife, or one of my children, or a grandchild, or some friend of the family, I want you to know without any doubt, of the love I have for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
If things in your life seem to be going wrong, please let my testimony of Christ's love for you buoy up your spirits, because I know He does love you and me, and all mankind. We may break his heart by the actions we take, the things we think or the bad feelings we may have, but the fact will always remain that He loved us first, and He loves us still, and He always will."
Dave Jenkins

So Grandpa, not goodbye....but see ya later......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arizona Republic September 16, 2010

David William Jenkins

Jenkins, David William
June 23, 1931-September 7, 2010. Dave was born in Wilkensburg, PA, the first son of Anna Samarin, and David W. Jenkins. He spent most of his boyhood in East Liverpool, Ohio, and was a graduate of Kent State University. He was President of the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers, a member of Rotary International, and Lieutenant Governor of Toastmasters, International. He was a dynamic speaker and won many speech awards in the Toastmaster organization. His greatest joy was in serving his Heavenly Father in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a scoutmaster he assisted many young men achieve the rank of Eagle. He also served as a Sunday School teacher, Stake Young Men's President, Sunday School President, Counselor in the Stake Mission Presidency, and Counselor in the Bishopric. David is survived by his wife, Nicky, his three children; Gary, Teri (Jarman) and Randy; a brother, Thomas, fourteen grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his sister, Dolores Pickens. Services will be held in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 13014 N. 108th Ave., Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 at 1:00pm. The family will be available at 1:00pm for visitation.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparent's Day

This is a holiday I never thought much about and didn't really even know about it. But this year I can't seem to hide from all the reminders that today is Grandparent's Day. Even our bishop reminded us from the pulpit at church, and my heart just sank. I've been blessed to have had all 4 of my grandparents a part of my life....until now.... My Grandpa David Jenkins died this week, and now I'm filled with all sorts of emotions. I'm wishing I had celebrated them by getting to know them better and letting them know how much I loved them. Although I know death is inevitable for everyone, I've never faced the loss of a loved one and have always taken it for granted that my grandparents will not always be with me. I have lots of regrets, but today I want to celebrate the memories of my Grandpa. I remember him helping with apple shipments, working outside with a large straw hat, handsome, always clean shaven, left handed artist, sales man, and spiritual giant to mention a few. My Aunt Teri asked for any special memories I had of him, there are the ones I shared with her.
*We had a family picnic at a park and I was probably four. My cousin Anjuli fell into the duck pond. I remember watching as everyone yelled to her to swim and I was sure those ducks would attack her. When she got out of the water, my parents took off most of my clothes to let her wear them. While all the attention was on her, I felt vulnerable and naked. My Grandpa just held me and talked to me and for whatever reason, I remember just how special I felt and how comforted I was in his arms.
*Grandpa was always strict and a bit intimidating. At a reunion up near Flagstaff my brothers, cousins and I started jumping from bed to bed. Grandpa came in and I was scared. not only did he not stop us or get mad, he made jumping so much more fun.
*When I had my baby he always had a red nose and rosy cheeks. When I think of my Grandpa, that's what I remember about him too. Maybe Kaige got it from him. Grandpa had a rosy red face and when he smiled a twinkle in his eye that was contagious. There was nothing better than listening to Grandpa laugh and watch his whole body shake after being told a joke or a funny story.
*Up in Dewey Grandpa was a part of a program celebrating Joseph Smith's bday I believe. Josh and I were able to attend. The whole program was wonderful. But as I heard my Grandfather's voice singing "Praise to the Man" stood out above all others and I had tingles of the spirit so strong!
*I will always remember my Grandma and Grandpa and how beautiful and happy they looked dancing at my wedding. They were love birds! My grandpa died on the 58th anniversary of their first date. Grandpa did something special for Grandma every year to celebrate that special day until this one when he passed away. I'm betting he had something up his sleeve....if only we knew what...... I couldn't find a picture of them dancing, but I found this one of my Grandpa and my Aunt Teri at the daddy daughter dance at my wedding reception. This is the rosy faced smile I was talking about!
*Last year I had a huge burden as I tried to deal with other peoples requests and a huge deadline. I felt alone and overwhelmed. When Grandpa came by and saw what I was dealing with, he was upset and stood up for me and was truly my hero. He said the most kind things to me and I couldn't doubt the love he had for me, I will always cherish those feelings.
*Christmas Eve will never be the same without my Grandpa. I will miss his voice. There was a carol that had a certain cadence to it....I believe the song was "Good King Wenceslas". He would sing/ belt it out and captivate the room. As I became a silly teenager it became an inside joke amongst the cousins to either get him to sing it, or try not to have him sing it. Once he would I was filled with both giggles and awe. So sad I won't have that pleasure again.

I already miss my Grandpa. I am thankful that he was a part of my life the last 28 years, and that Kaige was even able to meet him. I'm sad my future kid's wont. I want this to be a growing experience and not take the rest of the time I have with my grandparents for granted. I truly have been blessed and I hope I better understand how limited my time is with them. I hope to be a better grand-daughter and learn from their wonderful examples and life experiences. This picture shows both sets of my grandparents at my wedding reception. Happy Grandparent's Day!!! I feel kind of bad that other people can't be as lucky as I am and have the same grandparents I do.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aunt Tammie's Potatoes

As kids we loved this recipe my mom got from my Aunt. We would fight over the thin crispy ones that clung to the side of the baking dish. It's too easy and yummy not to share.

10 medium size potatoes
3/4 cup melted butter
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1 teaspoon salt

Slice potatoes into little circles. I like thin ones. Mix the seasonings with the butter and pour over the potatoes in a baking dish. Stir the potatoes around with the butter mixture until all are coated.

Bake for 30 minutes at 450

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Would you rather go to Cali or on a double date with me?

My friend Vanessa and I have been talking about going on a double date for a long time, and we finally did it! I don't know why we waited so long?!?! Vanessa's wonderful niece Elissa babysat all three of our boys as we hit the town rolling.......literally. We had a blast racing indoor race-karts. Josh and I were polar opposites as far as race results go.
Josh and I have been trying to do a few more dates but none have been this hands on. Josh has always had a need for speed, and I always have a need for socializing, so this double was a perfect combination. I was looking forward to some laughing, and boy did we! Looking like oompa loompa's with our blue jumpsuits and black head socks were just the beginning of it.

After our sweaty and intense race we headed over to the Spaghetti Factory. The table talk and grub were absolutely wonderful. We really never had a lull in conversation as just when a moment of silence passed by someone would start laughing, or say Would you rather????? Would you rather ?? is a game we started playing around a campfire at a ward campout a few years back. Ever since then, it has been one of our most favorite pastimes with our old friends from the Manistee Ranch Ward. Usually we go around a circle and take turns as to who comes up with the ultimate decision. Josh was trying hard not to participate, but I know deep down he was having internal conflicts on what guy he would rather kiss, or the limb he would have to have chopped off. We would just skip him and come up with something even more hilarious than the last round. This game keeps us laughing and grossed out forever. Endless entertainment...if you're in good company, and we were! I truly am thankful for such a fun evening with my "Pumpkin" and close friends.

Is there something on my face?

This morning as I checked my email a sneaky munchkin tickled my ankle. As I turned to see the little culprit I saw a pen in his hand. I crouched down to take the pen and that's when I noticed that my ankle wasn't the only thing attacked by the pen. Thank you Josh for leaving weapons laying around the house!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do I look fat in these?

I've never asked Josh that question, probably because I know he wouldn't give much of a response, and partly because even though we all know the answer to that question (yes) I know that Josh would never say anything like that to hurt my feelings. I have never been skinny or enjoyed working out and I have always loved Chocolate. I think I have always known that I would have to work extra hard to stay healthy and would have a constant life-long battle with my weight . Knowing that hasn't given me the motivation to be better and actually it has always made me be on the lookout for people who's love might be much more conditional upon my looks. I have family members who can't seem to look past other's weight and constantly are commenting about it. I dated someone who I loved alot but I always feared them not loving me down the road if/when I gained weight. Then I met Josh. I was so head over heels in love with him that I committed an eternity to him before going through my typical list of credentials to help me not be so afraid of being hurt in the future. A week or so before our wedding we were walking through the mall and he pointed at this store that sold women's plus size clothing and asked me if that's where I shopped. My heart filled with all sort of emotions and I was panicked! I wasn't even close to being able to wear any clothes from that store. If he already thinks I shop there, what is he going to think about me when I really could buy clothes from there? I was scared and hurt.....I let his kisses distract me and I tried not to think about it. Then on our honeymoon I kind of asked a stupid question. Something along the lines of if I was bigger than he thought I would be? He answered it comepletely honestly and not the least bit mean along with tons of compliments....but I let it hurt me. I thought there is just no way to avoid the pain I've tried so hard to run from. I'm doomed. I've brought up those two instances to Josh a couple of times, and I know he was floored that I took them the wrong way. Knowing Josh the way I do now, I know that the mall was a complete joke and on our honeymoon, I set him up so that he couldn't give me an answer that didn't hurt. Silly girl, but it didn't make those feelings any less a reality. Well 5 years later and 60 lbs heavier, I've learned not to ask such ridiculous questions.....or have I? :) Last spring I went on a diet and I have still kept off 25 lbs. After Josh was sure that I was losing weight, he started asking me how much I had lost every couple of days. He told me he didn't know if I would like to hear I looked like I lost weight or not. I said I want to hear all about looking better, just please don't tell me when I look worse. That's about the extent Josh has ever talked about my weight. I know of many husbands that complain or try to get their wives to lose weight, but that has never been my Josh and I love him so much for it! I'm sure he wishes I looked more like I did when we got married, but he doesn't let that come between us and never hurts my feelings. I am so thankful for that! Well I just started my diet again, and this time I am much more hungry than before and I'm craving all the yummy food I love to mistreat my body with. I'm in need of more motivation than before, and that's why I asked the question. I looked over the back of the couch to Josh and said would you love me more if I was skinnier? I couldn't believe what the guy said. Without skipping a beat he looked me in the eyes and told me he would love me the same no matter what weight I was. I seriously was jumping inside, felt butterflies like when we were dating and had a heart overflowing with love and appreciation for this guy. He said just what I needed to hear, and meant it. As I said before, my weight will be a life long battle, but I'm so thankful that it isn't a battle with him. There are a few reasons that Josh is perfect for me and this is one big one. He is definitely my protector and has continued to try his best to protect me from all my own insecurities. I love him, and he is worth his weight in gold and so much more.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kaige's swim lessons

Friday, July 30, 2010

Like Father, Like Son????

It's usually something I would encourage, but not when it comes to getting stung by a scorpion. :( I was cleaning up dinner when Kaige started screaming as he just sat near one of his favorite toys. I was a bit puzzled as I knew this cry meant pain, but he hadn't fallen and I couldn't see what was wrong. It didn't take me long to realize it must be a scorpion. Kaige held his hand up to me and said hurt, I looked down next to his toy and saw it! I picked him up and the screaming continued. To say I was frazzled is an understatement. My phone was being held together by a wire and I couldn't make calls. I held the two pieces of the phone together and texted Josh that Kaige had been stung and to call my mom with what I should do. Kaige being as little as he is and not having a phone I decided to throw Kaige in the car and head to my moms. After he was buckled I decided I needed to go back and kill that scorpion! As I drove down the street I remembered a new neighbor in my ward was home because I had seen her on Facebook; she currently works in the ER as a nurse. I decided I would go to her home. As I knocked on the door frantically her dog started barking and Kaige stopped screaming. A wave of relief calmed me and I started thinking I was silly to be so worried. I had always been warned that babies react the worst to scorpion stings and I had no idea what to expect or what to do. The neighbor welcomed us in and really helped me not worry so much. She had told me about a child she saw in the ER the night before and how crazy almost demonic he got after being stung. Kaige had already calmed down alot, and was just kind of moaning and complaining and being very protective of his finger. She encouraged me to call Poison Control and to follow their advice. I was going to head to my mom's to use her phone and have some support when I read Josh's concerned texts. I had taken Josh to the airport earlier that morning and he was spending time with his family in Portland before Kaige and I could join him later in the week. Distance didn't stop Josh from helping. He called his home teaching companion to come give Kaige a blessing. I returned home so that Kaige could receive a blessing and within minutes my mom was there and so was Josh's companion. We called another brother from the ward down the street and together these two men laid their hands upon Kaige's head as he received a Priesthood blessing of healing. He was promised that he would return to his happy self. Other words were said, but those few, were the ones that gave me the most assurance because by this point my little guy was screaming non stop at the top of his lungs. I spoke to Poison Control and after giving them my info they gave me things to look for. They said to watch for change in eye movement, jerks of the body and drooling like a waterspout. They were to call in 30 minutes as a follow up. I started getting really nervous after about 20 minutes. His clothes were drenched with drool, he was coughing, and his finger up to the first knuckle had quadrupled in size. It wasn't that I felt like it was life threatening at this point, but I was nervous that it was getting to a point that would effect his breathing or maybe he was having an allergic reaction to it. I wasn't sure how fast those scary reactions would take place and how soon he would need medical attention. My mom called Poison Control for me, and they sent the fire dept. and the paramedics to our house. Kaige continued to scream and choke and it felt like an eternity for help to arrive. I wished we were just driving ourselves. I walked outside when they got there, and Kaige was fascinated by the lights and trucks and once again stopped screaming. Another wave of relief passed by and I thought to myself....oh man these paramedics are going to think I am the most protective over-worried mom ever. After taking his vitals and watching Kaige they said he needed to be taken to the hospital. I should have been more assertive and insisted on my mom driving us, but I just wanted to know my baby was going to be ok, and I just went with the flow. I climbed in the back of the ambulance and had to roll my eyes as the paramedics asked where the closest hospital was and had difficulty navigating out of my neighborhood. Kaige just laid on my chest and moaned. Every once in a while he would start crying again, and I just talked to him. He had calmed down quite a bit and I was feeling really self conscious of all the effort and drama going into getting my son checked out by a doctor. I kept rubbing Kaige's back and telling him that I loved him and this was the most expensive car ride he will ever have. :) We weren't far from the hospital when his screaming intensified and I had a hard time holding him. He was throwing his head back and his skinny little body was so rigid and hard to cuddle and comfort. Not only was his shirt soaked with drool so was mine. We were escorted right into a room in the ER and given immediate attention. They were putting IV's in Kaige and drawing blood right away. I left the room for a little while as I am sooo terrified of needles and doctors. My guilt outweighed my fear and I went to the head of the bed to try and comfort my little guy. I sang songs as a worker was laying on top of him to hold him down and a half dozen other ones were working on him. I just rubbed his face and sang him songs. He was getting more out of control by the minute. He was so upset, and in so much pain and I just felt helpless. When my mom arrived, Kaige wanted her. You could tell he just wanted help and he wasn't getting it from me. It tore at my heart! We were informed that Phoenix Children's Hospital had been contacted and that they said Kaige's reactions warranted anti venom. The problem they were having was that their last dose of it was used on a kid the day before, the same kid my neighbor had described. They were calling different hospitals looking at where to send us for the help we needed. Because it was going to take longer than anticipated they gave Kaige a cocktail of medicine in his IV. This is when I experienced a fear I have never encountered. This was to help with pain, sedate him to calm him down, and also to stop his drooling. Within a minute, my son that I was having a hard time holding became limp, his breathing went crazy and his eyes began to roll back and forth into his head. I was freaking out about the breathing and panicking when the nurse left. They got him a breathing treatment and kept having me look at the monitors and try to show me that he sounded worse than he was and that he was getting enough oxygen and breathing ok. His eyes kept rolling into his head and then twitching back and forth. This medicine is doing more harm than good I kept thinking. He continued to sob but without the resistance or strength that had given me the earlier workout. His hands and feet began to jerk and twitch. When I questioned all these reactions the nurse explained to me that this was the venom from the scorpion. Kaige had been holding himself so tense and crying so much that we couldn't see any of these reactions before. No I didn't believe it....this nurse couldn't know what she was talking about. A doctor came in to check on Kaige and give me an update on the anti-venom and before I could bring up my concerns he pointed out Kaige's eyes and twitching and said that this was from the scorpion venom. My poor little guy was struggling so much. It was such a tense and scary time. My mom was fielding calls and trying to keep Josh updated. She started crying as she spoke to him as he had broken down in tears. He could hear his son screaming in pain in the background and he felt so helpless being 1,000 plus miles away. I felt sorry for Josh too. A doctor came in smiling and said that the anti venom was experimental and so only certain doctors could administer it. He then said that the lead doctor of the study had just shown up at the hospital and was able to get some and administer it. He wasn't suppose to be there that night, at 11PM none the less. I nervously agreed to the Non FDA approved anti venom. The biggest risk to this drug is an allergic reaction to horses. I have an allergy to horses and since Kaige has lots of food allergies already they took extra precaution to have backups in case of bad reaction. The doctor was very confident when he said that once he has the anti venom he should be able to leave within the hour and that he instantly should be relieved of most of his negative reactions. After hours of Kaige being miserable and in pain I was skeptical. How thankful I am that he was right! Withing 15 minutes Kaige was done crying, had fallen asleep and had very little twitching of the eyes, hand and feet. He was so peaceful and sleeping effortlessly! When he woke up he was not only talking to me but talking to his daddy on the phone, sitting on his own and smiling. I had my happy little boy again just as promised!!!! Within an hour of him being given the anti-venom we were being released and Kaige was basically back to his normal self. I got him home and he remained protective of his finger, but other than that he was just fine. We sang songs and did our bedtime prayers with lots of thanks for the previous prayers that were answered. I thought Kaige might be up all night, but he went to bed, didn't wake up once and even slept in. The next morning he still was his happy old self with an owie finger. Oh how I love my boy!!! I am so thankful for family, friends, and prayers that were answered by means of a Priesthood blessing followed by fabulous medical treatment. I continue to be amazed at how something so small can cause so much damage and then how a small amount of medicine can do such healing. I'm thankful for the blessings bestowed upon my little family in our time of need!