Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kaige turns ONE!!! Feb 2010

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We were so excited to celebrate our 1st child's 1st birthday in our 1st house! In honor of his 1st word, doggy, and his obsession with animals, we had a petting zoo and invited all our family and friends to celebrate with us.

Kaige loved every minute of it. The company that brought the animals did a wonderful job of catering to Kaige the whole time and spending time with him as he loved all the animals. There were quadruplet pygmy goats only a couple of weeks old. Their umbilical cord had not fallen off, they were so young. Kaige loved them to pieces, literally..... and he was allowed and encouraged to carry them. My little 12 month old was walking well enough to carry a baby goat. It was incredible to watch and probably the highlight of my day. We made Kaige puppy dog cupcakes that were the cutest thing ever.

I never thought I would make such a big deal for a 1 year old b-day party, but I throw parties for everyone else and by golly I was going to throw a party for my own son at the first opportunity I could get. Kaige and our home have been huge blessings. We appreciate all who came to celebrate the good things in our life. Kaige gave me the gift of being a mom on his birthday; I will celebrate that every year!!!!


  1. It was a great party. Those pygmy goats were so cute!

  2. My kids still talk about that party! :) So fun!