Monday, October 25, 2010

Swim Lessons Summer 2010

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I have a great job that allows me to take Kaige to work with me but this summer I was blessed with another perk. The kids I nanny call her Grammy, and so does Kaige now. I call her the swim lesson whisperer. Ok, so she doesn't ever really whisper, but this lady is magical! She teaches private swim lessons. She treated Kaige as her own and let him have private swim lessons every day after she taught her grandkids. At first I threw him in kicking and screaming. He would yell for mommy the whole time, and Marta seriously acted like she didn't notice and did the same swimming drills every day. It wasn't long before Kaige was screaming because he didn't want to get out. I had seen her teach lessons the last few years and always was in awe. But being a mommy watching your son progress with life skills and confidence was miraculous. He learned to get himself on his back and into a float. I was so thankful that he had learned that much at an incredibly young age. But she kept working with him and he also learned to basically swim or what they call zoom across the pool. He loved swim lessons and loved Grammy. He really is a little fish, and now he is a much safer fish in the water. He loved lessons and I would often find him chanting the swim instructions like Marta would and pretending to do lessons. I loved hearing him say, "monkey, monkey, monkey" and thought it was cute when he would bow his head down "to get his face wet." She is worth every penny she charges, and I consider myself one lucky duck that she chose to share her talents with my little guy free of charge. I owe her big time. My little guy can swim!!!! And he isn't even 2!!!!

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  1. I am so excited he can do this! And so jealous you got it for free! I want Brenna to learn to swim so badly. That is really neat!