Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best Buddies Part 2

I had mixed emotions as I sent my little guy on his first play date without me. It wasn't even to a little park or someones was to the zoo. I couldn't make it and I'm very thankful that Kaiden's mommy included Kaige in the fun anyways. It was cute to have him tell me and Josh about his day and him nod with excitement when we asked yes/no questions. Both of us were bummed that we weren't the ones at the zoo with him. For the next week Kaige talked about the animals and giraffes. It is so fun to watch these two buddies follow each other around and do stuff together. I really like the pictures of them both passed out in their car seats. If you look close you can see Kaige's eyes cracked open. That boy sleeps with his eyes's the freakiest thing. Hope he outgrows that one!

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