Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uncle Dafid and Aunt Wori came to town

These are the yummy desserts that were ordered in Tombstone. We had so much fun with Josh's Aunt and Uncle when they came to visit. Had I known that his Uncle David loved food as much as he did (despite being the pickiest adult eater I have ever met), I could have planned a restaurant scavenger hunt to keep them entertained.
I remember playing a game at my bridal shower and it asked what Josh's favorite kind of movies were. I answered comedy, but wasn't sure. Never did I expect to hear westerns as the correct answer. What?!?! (This is what happens when you get engaged after only dating 6 weeks). I was floored by this revelation and couldn't picture my sports car driving fiance watching my Grandpa's favorite movies. But really his dad has rubbed off on him, and Josh really does enjoy westerns. He likes the movie Tombstone, and has great memories of going to Tombstone as a kid with his family. He was excited to take his Uncle there as well.

I think most of the boys share these western interests and so we planned a roadtrip and tried to include as many Hedgecock siblings as possible. Below is a picture of Kaige with his cousins Jarum, Alora and Rennon.
We tried lots of restaurants while David and Lori were here, and Kaige's schedule got a little messed up. He did pretty good considering he was overstimulated and sleep deprived. But going out to eat with him wasn't the most fun, especially when it was after bedtime. At Cracker Barrel he was quite unreasonable and ended up in time out against the wall. He had served his time, but then did something, and put himself back in time out. He wouldn't budge. That's where he wanted to we let him!
I've gotten to know Uncle David and Aunt Lori better the last 6 months and it's been wonderful to develop a relationship with them. They live in Portland so our time together is sparse, but we're so thankful for their visit and loved having them in our home.
After they left Kaige kept asking where did Dafid and Wori go???


  1. What great family memories you're making....and I love that pic of you all with the cowboys! That should've made the christmas card this year. (Although your christmas card was soooo cute. :):))

  2. Those deserts look amazing! I love the picture with the cowboys. I've always wanted to go to Tombstone, we'll have to make a family trip someday!