Monday, November 8, 2010

Kids/Kaige says the darnest things!

So a few weeks back as we were looking through pictures, Kaige points at my Grandma and says Big Grandma. I laughed, and said no that's Great Grandma Jenkins. He smiled and said Big Grandma. I then found other pictures of his different Great Grandma's and he continued to call them Big Grandma. Well we stopped by Great Grandma Jenkins house and he said hello Big Grandma. A few days later Kaige was making phone calls to relatives and saw my Grandma and Grandpa Palmer's pictures and wanted to call Big Grandma on the phone. I've had to explain to them that he is saying Big as in Older Grandma. Older than mine and Josh's moms. To him that makes them Big. :)

Then as we were at the register at Ross, Kaige gets all excited and keeps saying Big Grandma. Yep there was a Grandma in front of us. A tiny, gray haired, wrinkled, nylons with tennis shoes Grandma and definitely in the age appropriate group to be a great grandparent. My little guy was not going to be ignored. He kept saying Big Grandma, and got her attention. I tried to have him just say Grandma, but he wouldn't have that. I then had to try and explain his "rudeness" and what Big means to this stranger. The kind woman seemed to love that Kaige claimed her as one of his Big Grandma's. They had a whole conversation and even exchanged kisses. He is little and can get away with it........ for now........

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