Saturday, December 4, 2010

Canyon Trails Christmas Brunch

I love my new ward and have always felt it's potential to be perfect for my growing family even if I didn't quite fit in and it didn't really feel like home. I think I sat at the perfect table for our ward Christmas brunch, because I had so much fun laughing and totally felt like I fit in as we fought to win the gingerbread building contest. My creative, fun and talented table designed a state of the art gingerbread trailer/house complete with two tv antennas, potty, and gnome along with many other upgrades. Can you believe we didn't even receive honorable mention?? I think we were the only table that didn't go home with an award. Talk about being snubbed! But that's ok, I still loved our masterpiece, and sure enjoyed the girls while we did it. Combining friendships with people like this along with memorable activities, this ward is bound to feel more and more like home.

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