Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Child's Prayer

Josh gave a lesson on prayer in Elder's Quorum a few weeks back and while he was studying for his lesson at the table, Kaige was eating lunch.  Josh stopped and said we should say a prayer.  So Kaige said he wanted to say it, and from then on Josh has been fabulous at reminding us to say blessings for the food.  The last year we haven't really had meals together and so it isn't a habit we've formed.  Very proud of my hubby and thankful for his guidance there.  Well since then Kaige has always wanted to say the blessings on the food, and he does a pretty darn good job.  As for family scriptures, prayers, and songs each night it has felt more like a one man show.  Kaige always picks me to say the prayer, I do the reading and unfortunately for anyone in ear shot I often sing a solo.  Well the other night, Kaige said he wanted to say the family prayer.  Great!  Dear Heavenly Father, Please help mommy keep the hall light on all night.........  What?!?!  Funny boy, I've told him for weeks that it can't stay on all night!!!!!  When his prayer was over I asked Josh what do I do?  Let his prayer be answered???  Of course Josh turned off the light, and ruined the kid, but mommy was to blame.   The next night, Josh went to spend some time with some guys in our ward.  Kaige prayed again and said.  Please help daddy to be nice to Brother Beckstrom.  haha  Kaige is getting older, and he is obviously putting some thought into his prayers.  It's fun!  We sure have one great kid.  He is a joy to have in our family.  We truly have been blessed with a really good kid who strives to choose the right and wants to make us happy.  I have never been that good at saying prayers.  I hope that's one thing my little guy doesn't ever struggle with.  He is off to a good start, and pretty cute too!

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