Monday, May 23, 2011

California Day 4

Papa had the day off so we decided he needed to enjoy it Kaigey style. After a yummy breakfast at Pimso Beach we went to the San Luis Opispo's Children's Museum. I worried about the guys being bored some but there was alot for them to do to interact with Kaige. He had a ball! Kaige isn't a stranger to trains. He loves them both at work and at home, but this one was extra neat because it had a hole in the middle that he could pop up in where he could reach all parts of the train table.

I don't think a police officer would be my first choice for Kaige to be when he grows up, but he sure would make a cute one. He loved getting to sit on the motorcycle too.

This place had so many places for him to be a driver. He absolutely loved the firetruck, motorcycle, train, and space shuttle. Ever since then he has wanted to play in the driver seats of our cars. He is 100% boy!

I just love the whole fireman look especially the boots.

He really enjoyed every activity center they had and I look forward to taking him to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.

I developed a love of farmers market when I lived in Oregon. Thursday night is the San Luis Obispo farmers market. I was thrilled that Mike and Odessa wanted to go and that we could enjoy the food and atmosphere. I have never had a larger more yummy strawberry than the ones I bought at this market. Grandma Dess bought Kaige a balloon. He didn't want to have it tied to his wrist and everyone including Josh made comments about it only lasting a minute before it floats away. I said something like Josh you better jump and get it for him. Well he lasted a few minutes and was determined not to have it tied to him. Next thing you know I hear the most sweet desperate cry for a daddy. I look back and Kaige is pleading for his daddy to get it. "Daddy! Get it daddy! Daddy!" He was sooo cute and so pathetic at the same time. It tugged at my heart strings. It was such a tender moment and as irrational as it was I was upset that Josh wasn't by, didn't hear his precious plea, and couldn't be the hero Kaige was needing.

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