Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jenkins Jamboree February 19, 2011

February my dad had his 2nd furlough. This time it wasn't for a funeral and was simply to enjoy family outside his usual confinement. He had 12 hours to spend in Tucson, so we took advantage of it and had lots of fun. Grandma Jenkins helped to sponsor the event, and the food and activities were perfect.

We met at a park and enjoyed a super windy picnic. Besides the wind my only complaint is that my daddy was scarring my kid. I don't blame Kaige. My dad looks kind of scary, probably looks like he fits right in with his other roommates. I don't like his long hair and especially his nasty beard. Kaige kept saying "scary" anytime my dad looked or tried to have anything to do with him . I have to agree, scary! It kind of ticked me off. On a happy note my Aunt Teri brought the lemonade and my mouth is watering just thinking about it's yummy goodness. I will definitely need to be getting that recipe.

We then went to the zoo. Talk about the perfect zoo. It was very intimate and you didn't have to walk all over to see all the animals so up close. The wind died down and we were able to enjoy the afternoon there. Kaige loves animals and somehow he wanted to go inside the aviary enough that he was willing to go with the first person to offer.....my dad. Wow! From then on Kaige warmed up to him. Thank heavens! He smiled and got my dad to look at things he wanted and carry him around. It was such a relief, and I'm glad I got some tender moments on picture.

Kaige can get just about anyone to just about anything. I tell ya. Next thing you know my Grandma was pushing her walker singing to Kaige sitting on the seat. Quite the luxury ride. Then he got Qadry to pose on a peacock for pictures. Not only did he get his Great Grandma Jenkins to ride the small bumpy train with him, he got everyone else to as well. I love the pic of my dad, Qie and Qadry all squeezed into a mini train cart. My favorite picture of all is the one with the 4 boys. We haven't been able to be in a setting like this for years. The three youngest all are wearing plaid too.

Oh I almost forgot. Grandma wanted to buy my dad some work boots. So they were on a wild goose chase trying to find some wide boots for my dad. At one store the saleslady asked my dad what he did for work. He responded that he was an inmate at the federal prison. They asked, no really? what do you do?....I'm an inmate at the prison. hahaha I'm glad my brother's were old enough to find this hilarious and not be too embarrassed. It is embarrassing. Look at him, doesn't he look like an inmate? Most people would come up with something to say besides that, but nope not my dad. He sometimes likes to thrive on the awkward truth. He's nuts!

Dad should be getting more furloughs, and hopefully they will be a bit longer and he can spend time closer to home. Home is a funny word considering everything. So I guess I mean closer to me and the rest of the family.


  1. I'm so glad you all had such a good time with your dad. I loved looking at the pictures of everyone....so happy! That old saying "home is where the heart is" is the perfect answer for what you are hoping to have with your sweet dad. :)

  2. Glad you get to see your Dad. I have been to that zoo and I liked it. We got to feed the giraffes.

  3. Sounds like a fun day. I wish those pictures were bigger :( From what I can see though everyone looks super happy!