Saturday, May 21, 2011

California Day 2

Tuesday we drove up the coast and saw the Elephant Seals. I'm always impressed to see hundreds and hundreds of the huge animals sun bathing on this beach. Kaige got quite a kick out of them barking and wasn't happy when they fought. I think we even decided a couple of them needed time out.
We enjoyed a few hours in Morrow Bay. We went to their fabulous little aquarium and Kaige had fun feeding their sea lions and going from tank to tank to see the fish. I think he visited each tank a dozen times. This town has lots of fun shops to browse through and yummy places to eat. One shop that we always have to make a stop at is the shell shop. Josh and I were surprised that the first thing Kaige did was put a shell up to his ear and squeal that he could hear the ocean. It was so cute and we don't have a clue where he learned that from. He spent the whole time picking up different shells and listening to the ocean. On our drive back I find Kaige in his car seat happy as can be listening to the ocean in both ears.

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