Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary May 13, 2011

Josh and I were married on Friday the 13th of May in 2005.  This year we celebrated our 6th anniversary on another Friday the 13th.  A day that comes with so many superstitions has been nothing but lucky for us.  Every year I try to give an anniversary gift that coordinates with the gift for each year.  I don't have to, but it helps me start thinking of what I could give him. 

1st Anniversary-Paper-I gave him a new set of scriptures.
2nd Anniversary-Cotton-I gave him temple clothes.
3rd Anniversary-Leather-I got him new shoes
4th Anniversary-Linen-I can't remember what "linen" I gave him, but I legally became a Hedgecock.
5th Anniversary- Wood- We got the Prayer at the Valley Forge painting with a wood frame.
6th Anniversary-Candy- I gave him See's in case he didn't appreciate the candy gram I made him.

I went on a candy (Spree ) to help tell my ( Sweet-tart ) Happy Anniversary and reminisce about our  (toy story ).  My (Life Savers) changed forever when a (Big Hunk ) called me on the phone. When we kissed on our 2nd date my tummy did (Belly Flops ).  I've been (Goo Goo ) for you ever since.  Dating was a (Crunch triple delight ), you were so (Sweet Conversation hearts) to me and took everything in (Stride gum).  My (Heart conversation) was yours and I was (Certs)ain you were the one.  A TV show was our (Ice Breakers ) and we talked about spanking our future (Sugar Babies ).  I couldn't wait for you to (Popcorn) the question and put a (Ring pop) on my (Butterfinger ).  We were sealed for (Now and Laters ).  We went to the Bahamas and had lots of (Fun Dip) and even got to (Big Bang Chew) ;)  As newlyweds we were (Nerds rope ) with accents and (Goobers ) with money.  It was exciting to find out we were having a (Baby Ruth). Our little (Junior mints) was born, he was such a little (Runts).  I hope we can have at least (3 Musketeers ) more.  Thanks for always helping me when I'm in a (Crunch), for working so hard to be able to be my (Sugar Daddy) and being (Extra gum) forgiving with me.  Despite some (Rocky Road)s, I wouldn't trade any of it for (100 Grand).  It's ok if you think I'm a (Nerds) , or (Snickers ) at my card, just know I would go to the (Milky Way ) and back for you.  (Yowsers gumballs) 6 years!!!  Happy Anniversary my love!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candy grams! Best gift ever! so cute, you are awesome!

  2. That picture is great and I love the candy gram!!

  3. so cute! i love that idea!! you are so amazing! whata lucky man to have such a great wife! love you tons!

  4. Such a cute idea!! You are adorable!